In a vase on Monday, Glad and Sweet

This week’s seasonal blooms are ‘Glad and Sweet.’ This is the 101st bouquet that I’ve cut from our garden since the spring equinox this year, and I’m sharing with Cathy and the gang ‘in a vase on Monday.’


This colourful bunch of cottage garden blooms includes sweetpea, gladioli, dahlia,anemone, verbena, cottage pinks, penstemon and willow. Bouquets in this style are available by post from until 3pm on Thursday 24th August at and are freshly cut to order.

I was accompanied by our cat while putting this together.

In fact, she just sat on the keyboard, writing ################################# and ivffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffg6666666666666666666666666DFCCCCcccccccc.

Oh dear.

Today’s been the day that Big Ben stopped ringing in London and the sun stopped shining in the states, so I guess it’s just a funny old day. Perhaps the cat has an important message, so I won’t edit that out just in case.

Anyway, we have buttery yellow gladioli, crimson sweetpea, sugar-pink penstemon and peachy cream pinks in this week’s bouquet. It’s got a very sweet aroma, and this particular bunch is on its way to London to brighten up someone’s home.

If you’d like to see more gorgeous bunches of seasonal bouquets, do check out the wonderful meme of ‘In A Vase on Monday’ at Cathy’s Blog. 


2 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday, Glad and Sweet

  1. Who knows who your cat sends messages to when you are not watching: this one is certainly most profound 😉 Meanwhile, the somebody in London who gets yhis colourful bunch of blooms will be absolutely delighted, I am sure


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