Six on Saturday

Here are six things in my garden today, to share with the Propagator’s gang of garden bloggers and anyone else who’d like to have a nosey…

  1. Snapdragons. Cheap, cheerful, reliable, they’ve been one of my best bloomers this year. These were bought cheaply as plugs in spring, and they’ve brought plenty of colour to the garden, and with luck will keep going for a few more weeks.


2. The new border – it’s a bit of a mess (not enough staking is the lesson learned there…) but I do like the colours. From the left, there’s purple and white bacopa, white cosmos and nicotiana, and a yellow coreopsis. 20180908_080511

3. Corner o’crap. Every garden needs one, a spot for the compost bins, poorly plants, works in progress and bits’n’bobs.  Mine is hidden behind a bush, and I would love to see the messiest corners of any gardeners willing to share their shame!20180908_081019

4. GRAPES! We’ve got grapes. Sour grapes, but grapes nonetheless.

5. Rosebud. My reward for removing the bindweed from this beauty a few weeks ago. 20180908_080408

6. Recent purchases: Creeping Jenny, Flaming Katy and Jelly Bean plant. This little lot were from a local plant seller called Hazel, she has a beautiful backyard nursery down the road, and raises cash for good causes by selling the plants she propagates.

She reminds me of the Propagator, the blogger who hosts Six on Saturday show & tell. To see what’s going on in other gardens, visit his blog. 


I hope your plans and plants are coming along nicely!

Jen x

7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. I have to say, my compost container is a feature of my garden!! I have to say that because Mr Propagator made it for me and I might want him to make me another in the future – if we ever move house! (I can’t see any removal men agreeing to packing up that!!!) Pretty Six.


  2. Love that big black pot! I am about to bring out an old galvanized pot for a fall arrangement on my porch! It is still in the 90’s and humid here, but I am slowly trying to coax in Fall!


  3. That rose is a startling colour! In a good way. So rich. Love the snapdragons in the kettle & your droopy group look fine to me. Your grapes are amazing. There’s a vine growing from somewhere unknown over the row of garages in our cul de sac & the grapes are teeny compared to yours. I tossed them in the jam. What do you do w/yours?


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