New blooms in a vase on Monday

Well, this is exciting. We’ve moved house, and I have a new kitchen windowsill to display garden flowers in a vase on Monday.

Naturally, I prioritised putting some flowers in to vases, and after we’d got the bed made and the kettle plugged in, I popped out to quickly explore our new garden.


There’s loads of white bluebells around, and a massive purple jasmine like plant – possibly St Vincent or Italian jasmine, but I’m not sure.

Perhaps one of Cathy’s gang of friendly gardeners, who share pictures of flowers in a vase on Monday, can identify it. I’ll share the post to her blog at Rambling in the garden and maybe get some hints.

The vases are a collection of Bristol blue glasses that I’ve picked up at car boots and charity shops. I love how they catch the light. The little glass bunting decoration was a gift from my husband, and the tiny cat was from his mum.

There are still dozens of boxes to unpack, snags to fix and shelves to be put up, but each time I pop back to the kitchen sink, these little blooms make me smile.


The new place is lovely.

There’s a fairly long list of snags to fix, but it has the most wonderful views.


The garden hosts blackbirds, butterflies, blue tits,  crows, collared doves, and we’ve even seen a heron swooping down into next door’s pond.

I hope that your garden plans and plants are coming along nicely, that that all the moves you make turn out for the best.

Jen x

5 thoughts on “New blooms in a vase on Monday

  1. The mystery plant is a solanum – maybe Solanum jasminoides if you say it is growing like a jasmine. Check it out online to see which one yours is.

    How nice to know that you are prioritising IAVOM over other tasks like unpacking – we won’t envy you that job – but how eciting to be exploring a new garden and finding out what is growing there. Is it as big as you would like and was it one of the reasons you chose this house? I love to see blue glass and on a windowsill the effect is enhanced by the light, so thank you for sharing your new finds in them


  2. The views from your new house are certainly lovely and it all looks idyllic. I like the fac that you have well established trees.


  3. Love the Solanum – amazed it is hardy though! Hope you will be happy in the new home and garden – have fun discovering new plants out there!


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