Six on ‘scorchio’ Saturday

It’s been scorchio lately.

This weeks six on Saturday includes a very scorched lawn, a knackered veg bed, and a few resilient superstar performers. I’ve been mostly wilting this week, mostly staying inside our relatively cool house and only venturing into the garden in the early morning or evening.

First up lets have a look at that crunchy lawn…

And here’s that veg bed. I just picked what may well be the last of the lettuce for now, as they’ve all comprehensively bolted in this hot hot heat. The sweetcorn are loving it though, and we have a fair few cobs forming… We’ve had a good few harvests of green beans and peas, but they’re all finished now. And the fennel is flowering magnificently, my plan is to harvest the seeds for baking and garnishes.

The pond is looking fabulous, it’s a popular watering hole for wildlife, and has a beautiful water lily in bloom.

Next to the pond, under the elder tree, behind the St Johns Wort bush, is a cosy shady spot that we call ‘the den.’ The long term objective is to make this into a mini woodland garden, but for now it’s a cosy green patch full of periwinkle with rustic seats and a fancy table.

In the greenhouse, there are still a few tomatoes, some chillies that have not really grown much and some tiny cucumbers. I think perhaps my squashes didn’t have big enough pots or rich enough soil, as they’re not really doing much growing either.

Finally, there are a few floral superstars that are putting on a great show in the sunshine. Roses, hydrangea and agapanthus ‘fireworks.’ Unsurprisingly the ones doing best are the more established plants that have a bit of shade.

Well, that’s all for now folks.

Next week I’ll be mostly saving water, promoting sustainable timber, and making business plans and funding applications for Shared Earth Learning.

I will replant the veg patch once we’ve had a bit of rain.

Have a great week!

J x

4 thoughts on “Six on ‘scorchio’ Saturday

  1. How nice that your water lily is blooming. Someone here got six for a drainage pond here, and they are growing quite well. I was not expecting them to perform so well during their first season. I would not be surprised if they bloom. I wanted to get the native species, but I now prefer these. The native species can get aggressive and overwhelm a pond.


  2. Love your waterlily! And sympathize about the bolting veggies — even up here where it isn’t actually very hot, just warmer than is usual for Aberdeen, our runner beans matured too fast and the skins grew so tough that we have to not only string them but peel them with a potato peeler (after which they’re delicious). It must be lovely to temper the heat with a sit by the pond xx


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