Rescuing roses has rewards

The rose is probably the world’s favourite flower and its a plucky plant that tends to bloom whatever its situation.

Lately, I’ve done a bit of rose rescuing, and the result was this rewarding bunch of beautiful blooms that are looking fine on the mantelpiece, and fill the room with a wonderful aroma.


They’ve not had the best situation.

The roses in the vase were at the top of this mess of twisted hazel and honeysuckle by the apple tree.20190606_115447

There are a few roses sticking out at the side too. These will be pruned for a vase soon, and I’ll attempt to impose a bit of order in the area, making space so that the roses can find the sun more easily…

The rose is overgrown and in deep shade

Although I love the honeysuckle, and chopping it down in full flower seems a shame, I’ve seen a recipe I want to try.

And I saw this, which I’l have a go at with my recent collection of rose petals.

And that looks like the beginnings of a plan.


But fixing up a house and garden can be tricky, and today we hit a snag that’s taken priority over floral syrup making. A major wardrobe malfunction, where the large fitted wardrobe has become dangerously wobbly has to take priority.

But that’s ok, it’s an agile, ongoing process to get this place sorted out and then crack on with The Plan to spend more time in the garden, planning and planting and sowing and growing and smelling the roses.

My planning post from a few years ago got mentioned in another blog, and reminded me of the progress we’ve made so far on doing the plan.

It’s well worth it. 🙂

Making time to smell the roses



3 thoughts on “Rescuing roses has rewards

  1. The main problem I see with roses is the lack of pruning in winter. They get so big and gnarly that they can not grow vigorously. In your garden, the plants around it should be pruned as well, but I don’t need to be redundant with that. I sort of hate to cut back honeysuckle, which is why it grows away from roses and fruit trees.


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