A new broom

I walked down the road to the edge-of-town retail park yesterday to get more plants. A horse on the road is not so unusual in Frome as it was back in Tottenham.

I wanted to get out to the retail park to buy a few plants with the Homebase gift card we got as a housewarming gift. I I don’t have a car, or horse, and it’s a 20 min walk to the retail park so I only bought what I could carry, including this broom, a lilac, nemesia and sweetpeas. 

I’m enjoying the exercise inherent with carlessness and consequently eating cake AND fitting into the summer trousers. Our house is near the top of a hill, so it’s always uphill on the way home, but the walk gets a little bit easier with practice.

So, broom is the most recent addition to the middle flower bed. I shifted the sweetcorn seedlings to the vegetable hugel mound, and popped in the broom. 

It’s still got a long way to grow, but I’m quite happy with this section for now.

And as I pruned the broom after planting, today’s bouquet includes broom, lilac, bluebell and poppy.  Broom is said to symbolise renewal and spring cleaning so I’ve called this bunch ‘Clean Sweep’ 💐

On sale at FromeBlooms.com for just £7 +p&p.

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