Roses in a basket on Monday

Every Monday, Cathy at Rambling in the garden hosts a meme to share what’s in flower where you are. My contribution this week is a basket of roses from the garden.


I’ve called this bouquet ‘floribunda’ because of the abundant roses. I’m not yet sure what each of them is, they were planted many years ago by a previous owner of this garden.

Along with the roses there are sweet williams and pinks from my previous home which are blooming abundantly in the fairy garden, some pink penstemon and some eucalyptus. I sold a few of these bunches of roses in reclaimed baskets at Frome Independent market yesterday, where I had a fun day despite terrible weather.

Do check out Cathy’s blog to see what arrangements gardeners have gathered for this lovely Monday meme!

7 thoughts on “Roses in a basket on Monday

  1. What a shame the weather was bad for the market, but I am pleased you sold some flowers – does that mean you had many left over? Your roses look so pretty in the basket and I am guessing you scour car boots and charity shops for baskets as of course they can be picked up very cheaply there


    1. Thanks Cathy, I sold about half of the flowers and plants I took to the market- not bad for a first try on a wet day! The ‘leftovers’ are decking out the house and looking pretty!

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  2. So pretty Jen – I particularly love that single reddish/rosy flower in the centre. How do you support them in the basket? Are they in oasis? Well done for actually selling flowers, but sorry you had bad weather!


    1. Hi Cathy, they’re actually in a plastic soup pot from a takeaway cunningly concealed in the basket. The pot is crisscrossed with sellotape in a framework that supports the flowers. I tend not to use oasis because it’s not eco-friendly.

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