Bright Day in a vase on Monday 

Today’s bouquet number 79 at and in a vase on Monday, is the ‘Bright Day’ bouquet.  Each week garden bloggers share flowers in a vase with Cathy at Rambling in the garden, and its always a pleasure to join them!

The ‘Bright Day’ bouquet name was inspired by my friend, who sent flowers with the message that ‘I hope this bouquet brightens the day.’ The recipient was having a tough time, and we hoped these flowers would brighten her day. And it seems that they did.

Regular readers might recall that I’d almost given up on naming each of today’s bouquets, when I posted ’78 things I learned making 78 bouquets’ and had a little moan that it can take a while to come up with a name for each new bouquet. But I’ve been encouraged to continue, and so I’m planning to get a few potential names ready and waiting for future bouquets.

In today’s vase there are two roses, the apricot one looks a little like ‘Duchess of Cornwall’ and the red one could be ‘Precious Time’ but I’m not exactly sure… These were both planted many years ago and are beautiful, whatever variety they may be!

There’s also phlox ‘white admiral,’ verbena, penstemon, eucalyptus,  japanese anemone, and some dill in the bouquet.And there are a few sweetpeas, in there too. Though they may be a little bit short for the bouquet, I’d miss the scent if they were absent.The vase is a cute little painted pot, picked up for £1 at the Frome Collectors and Flea Market.

The red rose, possibly ‘Precious Time,’ was looking stately in the sunshine this morning. I’m very, very lucky to have moved to a garden which has such an excellent collection of roses.

The phlox has only recently started to flower, its scent is delicious, and there seems to be plenty of it.

And happily, I can report that bouquet 79 is sold, and will be sent to a birthday girl in London later today. But I have enough blooms and buds to cut a few more today, so do pop along to FromeBlooms if you’d like to order a fresh bouquet of scented garden flowers for just £15 🙂


And pop over to Cathy’s Blog, to see what’s been shared this week. It’s a lovely meme!

8 thoughts on “Bright Day in a vase on Monday 

  1. Yes that’s a real apricot shade, isn’t it? Crown Princess Margarita is similar to this.I was surprised that you have Japanese anemones already – must check mine but I haven’t even been aware of buds yet. It is such a lovely idea that you started and I like the idea of them all having names – do you keep a photographic record of them, other than on your blog, and would you deliberately repeat some combinations? I can’t remember of you said you included the actual vase with your bouquets or not? Thanks for sharing many of your 79 bouquets with us! 🙂


    1. Hi Cathy, I have a Facebook album with a gallery of all 79 bouquets. I don’t usually send the vases with the blooms, instead I wrap the stems in damp newspaper and bubble wrap to keep them moist.


      1. Is it on your stall you include the vases themeselves, or am I imagining it then?! Sadly, I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, but I will see if I can look with my daughter one of these days. Thanks for the link though


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