Bouquet 102 

​​Here I am, making Frome Blooms bouquet no. 102. I wanted to show  that the flowers really are all from the garden!

This bouquet of homegrown flowers includes rose ‘crown princess margarita’ and rudbeckia goldsturm (shown in the top row of this pic)…


In the middle row is a purple anemone, (grown from bulbs I planted in spring) and a pretty phlox with variegated leaves. The bottom row of this picture shows guara ‘snow fountain’ which is a pretty white perennial that I got at the local market, and sweetpea. The sweetpeas are grown from seed, a suttons mix called ‘sublime scent.’

The final bouquet is bright and highly perfumed. Bouquets in this style are available from Frome Blooms for £15 for the next few days, and you might like to try one!💐👍😊

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