Bouquet 111 and quince crumble


This bunch was commissioned by an old friend for her mum and dad. I’ve included several large stems of honeysuckle, which gives this bunch a super-sweet aroma. The lady at the post office commented on the “lovely smell’ when I posted this parcel which, as they say, was nice.

Sadly, the red begonias pictured above did not pass my rigorous ‘shake test’. I don’t want to send any stems that won’t survive a bumpy ride in the post, so I give them all a shake, and exclude any ‘droppers’ from the final bouquet.

But all these stems did make the final cut:

  1. Rose (keep smiling)
  2. Japanese Anemone (painted lady)
  3. Pink Hesperantha
  4. Penstemon
  5. Snapdragon (grown from seeds I started in Feb)
  6. Sweetbriar foliage (in a lovely russet colour)
  7. Verbena
  8. Weigela foliage
  9. Willow
  10. Ivy

I do hope it arrives in good shape at its new home in Lancashire. There’s a rosebud in there which should unfurl in a couple of days, adding it’s sweet perfume to the scent of the honeysuckle.

There’s another sweet aroma from the garden in the house today, as I’ve been harvesting quince from the tree. A bowl of quince provides a lovely, perfumed scent, and makes a fantastic crumble.

TOP TIP – Microwave slices of quince for 3 min at high power followed by 25 min at 20% power if you haven’t the time to faff with a long slow simmer.  They taste just as good in less than half the time. I’m afraid I don’t have a pic of the crumble, because we ate it.


I hope your garden plants and plans are coming along nicely, and that you have plenty of crumble this autumn.

Jen x



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