Orange dahlias

Blooming lovely

The dahlias are blooming, and the colours are marvellous. These were half price and looked a bit shabby in the shop, but they’re in great shape now. They’re especially vibrant in the evening sun.

Orange dahlias
Blooming marvellous bargain dahilas

We’re really making progress with the plan to revive this garden. My lovely husband has done a great job getting pathways down, and with pathways down I can wear white sandals to go picking thyme.

We’ve started another willow archway at the top of the steps, and the new borders are starting to take shape. The changes are making it feel much more like ‘our’ garden now.


The roses are looking good too.


Some of the plants we removed are doing nicely in their new home at the Shared Earth Learning garden, in beautiful Vallis vale, just outside Frome off the Mendip way.  If you pop by and they look dry, please give them a water. 😉


As always, I hope that your plans and plants are coming along nicely.

Jen x

One thought on “Blooming lovely

  1. Dahlias seem to be available early. I see them blooming in spring. I think of them as late summer or even autumn flowers. Mine grew through summer, but did not start to bloom until late summer, and then only bloomed until frost. They should have been blooming earlier than I expected them to.


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