Late summer retrospective

Fallopia baldschuanica, aka Russian Vine, AKA mile a minute, is a devil of a climber which has taken hold at the bottom of the garden.  But from a distance its rather pretty when the flowers catch the evening sun.


Although tackling that vine will be a bit of a challenge, and the transplanted lawn is patchy, and there are not as many roses as I would like, overall I’m pleased with our progress so far, doing the plan to revive this garden.

This is how things looked in late August last year.

Garden Aug 2017

Since last summer we’ve added a lot to the garden, but tried to stick to natural materials -wood or willow – wherever possible.


I’ve invested in wooden planters that I hope will last for a lifetime, and tried to be more restrained with a limited colour palette, less clutter, and repeated themes of natural curves.

Those steps lead the eye up the garden, and now the view is framed by the rows of wooden planters with daisy and bacopa, it’s much more more pleasing focal point.


I’m hoping for a late summer colour boost from the gladioli, but probably planted them too late.  So much for planting schedules, I love the ‘whooshing’ noise as they pass by!

However your garden grows, I hope your plants and plans are coming along nicely.

Jen x

2 thoughts on “Late summer retrospective

  1. Gladiolus are summer bulbs here. The get planted in autumn after the spring bulbs, and then sit through winter to bloom the following summer. I never tried to plant them late for a later bloom.


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