My favourite things and the lost label roses

It’s almost mid-winter, and the sun has barely risen. There are no roses left in the garden, so I’m looking back at photos for this year’s favourites.

I know what roses I’ve planted, but there are many more plants in the garden that will always remain a mystery.

My favourite of those that I know is the “Keep Smiling” rose. It’s a variety that we first encountered at the Regents Park rose garden, and it’s bright yellow blooms caught my eye as it was still in flower in November. Planted as a bare root last winter, it’s doing well, and still flowers in November.

The beautiful raindrops add an extra sparkle.

Keep Smiling through November rain

Number 2 is a lost label rose, which is entirely down to my poor garden housekeeping. I  bought it as a bargain bareroot plant at Woolworths many years back, and it never lets me down. No idea what it’s called though…

peachy pink roses, from Woolworths circa 2002

Number 3, is another mystery, planted by the previous owner. I love the shades of orange pink on this one, and I refer to it as tequila sunrise…

A rose in August: Tequila Sunrise?

My 4th highlight from the collection is this gorgeous frilly number, possibly a David Austin Desdemona, although it’s another inherited plant with a long lost label. Although these blooms have a tendency to droop they are simply fabulous and have a marvellous aroma.


And my fifth and final selection, a deep red rose with frilly petals, these are mysterious beauties that the previous owner chose very well…


I don’t mind at all not knowing exactly what these roses are. A bit of mystery doesn’t make them less beautiful.

In fact, I’ve just received a dozen bareroot ‘lost label’ roses which I bought as a bargain this summer. Over the next few days I’ll plant them out for next year. Who knows what will emerge, but it will be fun to find out!

As ever, I hope that your plans and plants are coming along well, and you will have plenty of roses in 2019.

Jen x

2 thoughts on “My favourite things and the lost label roses

  1. We have a few fruit trees at work that have been there for a very long time. Of course, we do not know what they are. It does not matter. They were always there, and we appreciate them for what they are. Some are likely seedlings.


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