I promised a rose garden… A story far of Doing The Plan

Seasonal blooms in a vase at Prior Park in Bath

Regular readers may recall that this blog is about a plan to spend less time in the office and more time in the garden. It’s about life being what happens while you’re making other plans, and it’s about sowing and growing in the garden, hoping for more strawberries and fewer spreadsheets.

All of the above are taglines for ‘Doing The Plan’ which I’ve used over the past two and a bit years of this blog. In that time me, my lovely husband and our (mostly) lovely cat have moved from Tottenham in London, to Frome in Somerset.

I’ve moved house, changed jobs, revived a cottage garden, started a website, (FromeBlooms.com) cut and photographed about 150 bouquets of home grown blooms.  I’ve also got involved with the awesome team at Shared Earth Learning, and joined their Forest School, working with children and young people to nurture a love of nature.

The shelter at Shared Earth Learning Forest School in Vallis Vale


Right now, my plans are in a rather fluid state. I’m between jobs, but have savings to last a while. We’ve renovated the house and revived the garden, and the house is up for sale (sold STC) and we’re planning to move on to the next place.  Whether that will be a shell of a barn or a semi with potential remains to be seen… 🙂

So, this isn’t a usual blog post about plans for the garden, as my plans and plants are not quite clear right now, but that’s okay.

I promised Shared Earth Learning a rose garden, the bare root roses arrived a few weeks ago, and I’ve got time today to pop up the plot and plan some planting. I’m grateful to have found a wonderful sunny place to start a new rose garden, and looking forward to getting it started with the SELco.   I’d best be off to crack on with it….


As ever, I hope your plans and plants are coming along nicely.

Jen xx


5 thoughts on “I promised a rose garden… A story far of Doing The Plan

    1. Hah! Best laid plans of plants never quite come through…. But this afternoon we heeled in a dozen lost label roses, and planted out a few named varieties. Kym’s flower garden now has ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ & ‘Moment in Time’ rose plants, which will hopefully flourish in their new home 🙂

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