Bringing the outside in, and reclaiming my Mojo

It’s funny keeping a blog about doing a plan to spend more time in the garden during winter, partly because I am very much a fair-weather gardener, and partly because I’m planning to move house soon. So planting plans are on hold for a while.

January is often tricky, and this year for me it’s been largely spent house-hunting, job-hunting and conveyancing. We’re not going far, but moving to a garden with a sunnier aspect and a  bigger kitchen (fingers crossed, mustn’t jinx it, not that I’m the superstitious type…) I’m also between contracts, after completing 12 months at CMD.

So I’m in-between gardens, and jobs, in January.  Mustn’t grumble, life is grand, but I am looking forward to February… So, I thought I’d cheer up by rearranging some plants and bringing the outside in, and on Monday, popped a few things into a vase. I was too busy to join Cathy’s gang of garden bloggers to share the spoils for the ‘InaVaseOnMonday’ meme, but I’m appreciating them now that it’s cold and dark and a little bit of the colour from outside is inside the house.

The best of the pickings this week are the hardy herbs, with bay and rosemary providing firm foliage for display. I also cut some dogwood and a few catkins to add a little movement and colour.


The final collection is a fairly colourful bunch for this time of year.


Woody stems like these should have a longish vase life, and potentially some of these might start to root in the water. I’ll update if any shoots or roots emerge…


In other news, I finally got my ass in gear, and down to the new exercise class in Frome, hosted by fitness guru and Mojo Moves superstar Cheryl.


It’s part exercise class, part disco and a whole lot of fun. It’s also lottery funded and free, so while I’m between contracts and gardens, I’m planning to attend more often and “reclaim my mojo” through the power of silly walks and dancing.

With my Mojo restored, I’m about ready to say goodbye to January and get ready for February’s adventures.

As always, I hope your plans and plans are coming along nicely, and your mojo is rising.

Jen xx

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