Six Snowtos on Saturday

Yesterday was Imbolc, the celtic festival celebrating the awakening of the world, and the day farmers would prepare the fields for sowing. But it was snowing, and so spring preparations stay on hold.

With snowtos (snowy photos) this week, I share my six things in the garden with the Propagator’s group of garden bloggers.

My first highlight in the garden this morning is the archway.  This woven willow arch which we made last spring was looking splendid in the snow. Sometimes I have a morning coffee at the table in this spot, but not today.

Mr Blue Sky and the willow archway

Two… Snapdragons under the snow.  I read this week that yellow flowers are set to be fashionable this year, after decades of disdain from garden designers. You heard it hear first, of course, when I extolled the virtues of these sunshine blooms last week. I do hope they’ll perk up after the thaw.

Yellow is next season’s colour for the fashionable garden

Third in my selection is another snowy seat. I kind of really want to sit in this, expecting it to be soft like fluffy marshmallow, when in fact it will be soft, but also wet and cold. Nonetheless, I’ll probably do that later…

The snowy seat

Forth up, the tiered planter, looking largely dead after the snow. But on closer inspection, a campanula and dianthus have survived, and a couple of the begonia’s might live to bloom again.

The tiered planter is probably not entirely dead.

These promising looking pots are doing better than the tiered planter. I think we have a salvia ‘hotlips’ and a purple wallflower here. When the snow thaws, I hope I’ll find the labels. But I’m not quite sure they are labelled…

Lost labels, TBC…

My sixth selection has to be the snowdrop.

The common snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis

So that’s six on saturday. If you have time, do pop outside and see what’s growing on, there’s always something worth spotting!

Pop over to The Propagator’s blog to see more selections from gardeners around the world.

6 thoughts on “Six Snowtos on Saturday

  1. Interesting about yellow flowers. A professional gardener friend of mine used to work for a woman who couldn’t abide yellow in the garden, including daffodils. If anything yellow appeared (by mistake) she insisted they were immediately removed.


  2. I agree, how to resist the temptation to quickly put the imprint of one’s rear on that seat! Your willow arch does look so pretty in the snow.


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