Frome Blooms at equinox

Regular readers may recall that in spring and summer, I sell posies and bouquets made from the flowers in our cottage garden.


This little posy of homegrown flowers is a colourful scented collection. It’s in a small hand-painted pot made in Mexico, and it’s available today at my new Frome Blooms etsy shop.


It feels like officially spring now we’re at the equinox, and day and night are equal.

So it’s definitely time for me to dust off the cobwebs and open up FromeBlooms for orders again. 🙂


In the past couple of years, I’ve posted bouquets all over the UK, and of the dozens I’ve sent, most have arrived in very good shape. I’ve had to resend a few bunches (free of charge, of course) but mostly I’ve found that first class post is fast enough for fresh flowers when they’re well wrapped.

I’ve added vintage finds to the mix this year, and put some of my little vases on sale at my new etsy shop – available with or without fresh flowers.

Frome Blooms etsy shop


It’s been a joy to put these bouquets together, and listen to the birds singing at 5.30pm.

Lighter evenings are upon us, the clocks go back soon, and spring is in the air.


The equinox posy in the mexican pot contains a triple headed tete-a-tete daffodil, along with scented wallflowers, muscari, hebe, bay and rosemary.


Find out more about my flowers at,

And please visit my Etsy store if you’d like to treat yourself or someone else special.

And as always, I hope that you’re plans and plants are coming along nicely.

Jen x




3 thoughts on “Frome Blooms at equinox

      1. Florists use muscari? It seems to be getting more respect than I was aware of. So many here think of the classic sort as cheap and common, sort of like nasturtiums. However, in other regions, people seem to still appreciate it, particularly the newer cultivars of it.


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