Six on Saturday: Rainbow, Pansies and a new shed

This week there was a splendid rainbow over our garden in Frome.

Other stuff happened this week, but look at that lovely rainbow…


Here’s Six things on Saturday in the garden…

  1. A copper planter with cyclamen and pansies by the kitchen window. This is always a cheery sight, and I’m hoping this brave little blooms will keep on going through the winter…


2. White bluebells, a few are already in flower. These are in a sheltered spot beneath the kitchen window, and we’ve got tons of them. I think they are the somewhat invasive and pretty indestructible spanish bluebell.  It’s a good job we like them.


3. The twisted hazel has lovely catkins now, and it’s lost all its leaves, leaving the beautiful stems on show. I will pick a few stems to display indoors.



4. A small selection of sedum pups, which I’ve gathered from various locations and collected into a tiny pot on the patio. Mostly doing ok, they add a little interest to a corner, and being displayed in an old tealight holder literally elevates this tiny pot. I’m always on the lookout for little legged things that can lift pots off the ground – it gives them more impact, improves drainage, and makes them easier to take care of.


5. A new tool shed! At last a place to put some gardening stuff. It may be slightly wonky but it’s absolutely perfect. A shed is a marvellous thing.


6. The view from the patio and kitchen window has improved since I put out some bird food in fatballs on top of the wicker plant support. So far we’ve seen blue tits, long tailed tits and blackbirds feeding from this spot, and I’ve not managed to catch a decent photo of any of them!


Well. That’s it for this week. I’ll share these snaps with the lovely gang of garden bloggers and the Propagator, he who started this lovely habit of sharing six things from the garden on Saturday.

Whatever your plans are, I hope all goes well…

Jen xx



8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Rainbow, Pansies and a new shed

    1. I was just about to say the same, although I am not quite certain if I do no hold them in high esteem. I dislike their invasiveness, but find that they provide such delightful bloom. Since they are nearly impossible to eradicate, I intend to pickle as many as I have time to pull and process, like the ramps that grow in the East. They do not have much flavor, but onions take on the flavor of herbs and spices added to them. No matter how many I take, I know there will be plenty more the following year. I wrote about them earlier.


  1. That’s a handsome garden shed you have there and it will look great when it’s weathered a bit. And what a cheery sight the pansy and cyclamen are at the kitchen window.


  2. I love a good corkscrew hazel & yours is excellent. That’s also a very handsome shed you have there. How ever have you coped until now? I’d thought your white bluebells looked a little odd but am terrible at plant ID. Now that Jim says they’re triquetrous leek, I wonder why he doesn’t like them? A search says they smell like onion which, to me, would make them all the more attractive. What’s your take on them? Bluebells or leeks? Smelly or wonderful?

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