That time again…

In a weird world I find it reassuring that summer slips to autumn, as usual.

The trees set seeds, and the gardeners put bulbs into the soil, and the nights get longer as the days get shorter, and although everything seems unusual and difficult and we are in the midst of a pandemic, nonetheless the acorns fall, the hazelnuts and sycamore seeds drop, and nature is ready for winter, which will be followed by spring.

Autumn is peculiar, this autumn particularly so. But it’s bonfire time, and the longer nights are great for socially distant fireside chats.

Today I went to Clanger Woods near the Westbury white horse.

As I wandered the woods I picked up a few handfuls of acorns.

I’ll plant a few, and pass the rest on to the Playrangers group at Forest School. It always feels like a leap of faith to put seeds into the soil, but right now it feels more important than ever to plant hopefully.

Maybe this little collection of acorns and hazelnuts will one day form a little woodland. Perhaps just one or two will grow up big and strong. Maybe the kids at forest school will throw them at each other.

Whatever happens, I hope your plans and plants grow well, and that some of your acorns become mighty oaks…

Jen x

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