Six on Sat: Oak, pergola, progress and plans

This Saturday, I have six things from the garden to share, plus news of ‘wood for the trees,’ and a new potential project. This week I made a shiny new website for the film series I helped to make, at, and also submitted an initial proposal for a new eco-farming project, which is all a bit exciting.

My first garden thing this week is a young oak tree grown from an acorn I collected at Clanger wood. I planted this two or three years ago, and recently moved it to a larger pot. A little bit of frothy flowering lobelia makes it look charming on the patio. And maybe one day this little sapling will become a mighty old tree…

Next up, the pergola, which remains a work in progress, but it’s already a very happy place to be. The wisteria and grapes will soon start to cover the structure. When the sun shines we put the swing chair and hammock out. It’s bliss.

My third garden thing is an update on the front garden. The poppies are finishing, and I’ll collect the seed from these soonish. We put in a few verbenas and stocks to add some late summer colour, and the box ball is neat as a pin thanks to my husband’s hand held shears and keen eye.

Thing five is the pond. There’s a frog that visits frequently, settling into one of the little rock caves we made to provide a bit of shelter. The water shamrock is starting to spread out, and sometimes massive dragonflies visit, buzzing around the place like miniature helicopters.

My sixth highlight is this agapanthus firework, which was a bargain picked up from the Walled Garden at Mells this spring. It’s a cracker, especially when it catches the morning sunlight.

I mentioned an exciting eco-farm project. is the eco-farm and woodland campsite near Frome, that hosts Shared Earth Learning forest school, and where we filmed part seven of ‘Wood for the Trees.‘ Owners Cordelia and Chris have bought more land, and are seeking people to develop eco-friendly farming enterprises in this new space. I’ve put forward a crazy idea that might just work, and I hope to be able to develop plans to create a wildlife friendly flower farm and tree nursery business on that site. It’s a long term dream, but every plan has to start with a bit of imagination.

Whatever your plans, I hope all goes well.

Jen x

5 thoughts on “Six on Sat: Oak, pergola, progress and plans

  1. I look forward to seeing the pergola covered with plants next year. How lovely to be able to relax in a hammock. I have one but nowhere to hang it (our pergola being now covered over and used as my potting shed. And I didn’t manage to grow a single poppy this year despite scattering seed far and wide :-/

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  2. Gee, that is a delightful agapanthus. I happen to be quite fond of agapanthus, but I also know that they are mundane and overly common here. As much as I like my two (only) plain and simple cultivars, I do not want to add much more than one or two more cultivars. Mine are not actually ‘real’ cultivars, but just the two that I have grown for a very long time. One is blue, and the other is white. I might add a purple agapanthus, if I can find one with the same floral form as the blue and white that are already here. Anyway, yours is quite distinctive.

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  3. You are putting the pergola to good use with the swing chair and hammock! Iā€™m envious. I like the young oak. That Agapanthus is very pretty. I will take a look at the websites for more information. Good luck with your project proposal. It sounds exciting.


    1. Thank you! Although I don’t mean to evoke envy…. This level of comfort, with a nice spot to sit in a safe green garden, should be widely available! I’m hoping to hear there’s a chance to take my crazy idea forward at the ecofarm – it’s a positive project
      I have in mind, to make a good space for people and wildlife. The environmental news is miserable, and I want to do something joyful! Thanks again for your comment šŸ™‚

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