Six on Sat: tomatoes, cherries, daisies, roses and three sisters

This morning, I think the view from the greenhouse door is my favourite view of the garden. I like how there’s a few nice ‘pops’ of red, from a pelargonium and a poinsettia on it’s summer holiday outdoors, and how the Japanese maple at the top of the patio ‘echoes’ the colour of that copper beech tree at the back.

So, here’s six things that caught my eye this morning for #Six on Saturday, to share with The Propagator and the friendly bunch of garden bloggers participating in this most wholesome of memes.

  1. In the greenhouse, I’ve been re-arranging my tomato plants…

and the first fruits are forming…

2. The ox-eye daisies and ragged robin in the wildflower patch are in bloom….

3. The cherries on the tree are beginning to ripen. I really need to net these before the birds eat them all!

5. ‘Bistro fountain’ is our new favourite lunch spot. We got this powder coated aluminium bistro set over ten years ago, and it still looks like new! The advantage of aluminium over cast iron is how easy it is to move the bistro set into a nice sunny spot of the garden.

The raised pond has FIVE waterlilly buds so far. This is a new high and I’m hopeful that the first of these will bloom very soon.

in this image you can just see the bistro table back in it’s usual spot, in our ‘den’ under the elder tree, where I sit in the shade when cafe bistro gets too hot.

6. Roses in the new rose bed is my final highlight of the week. This delightful double bloom is from ‘Vanessa Bell,’ and it’s the first rose to bloom in the new rose bed.’ Well done Vanessa.

I can’t wait to see what other colours emerge from this new rose bed. I planted lots of yellow, white and few ‘sunrise’ colours. I’m curious and excited to see how this space develops, there’s lots of rose buds forming which is very pleasing to see…

I’m tempted to throw in a couple more, and I will, because I can’t not show you how smashing the veg bed is looking, with chard, spinach, peashoots, lettuce, leeks, fennel, carrots and onion all crammed into this big bed at the bottom of the garden.

And I want a note to myself that we’ve planted out the ‘three sisters’ of beans, sweetcorn and squash into the second veg bed, last Monday, (about four weeks after sowing). They’ve not grown much since, but nor have they died, so I’m hopeful that this section might produce some tasty treats for the table. In theory, this companion planting has lots of benefits – the beans fix nitrogen in the soil, which helps the corn grow, which provides support for the beans to climb. Meanwhile the squash covers the ground, providing a living mulch that helps the soil retain water, and suppresses weeds. It’s a native American planting pattern, and I wonder if it will actually work here in the UK.

That’s definatley all for this weeks 6 / 8 on Saturday.

Today I’d like to pot on a few more of the chilli and sweet pepper seedlings, and sow the wildflower seeds that the Frome climate film festival gave me as a thanks for my submission…

Also I want to nap in the hammock.

Whatever your plans, I hope all goes well

J x

One thought on “Six on Sat: tomatoes, cherries, daisies, roses and three sisters

  1. Why would the ‘three sisters’ garden be any different there? I do not use the technique because I prefer to grow the beans on a fence, and I typically do not grow corn. I remember it from when I was a kid, although it was not known as ‘three sisters’. It was just how Okies liked to do it in small garden spaces.


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