Garden harvest, 2016

This year’s harvest from our little garden in Tottenham included cherry tomatoes, apples, grapes, and a spaghetti squash.

The cherry tomato is still producing a few small fruit, and some overly optimistic flowers. (There’s little time left for them to ripen before the winter.)

The apple harvest is finished now after producing three large, delicious fruit. This tree will be joining us in the new garden.

We’ve got two grape vines, a black and a green variety. Both produced plenty of fruit but only the black grapes ripened sweetly. We’ll leave the green grapes on the pergola, and attempt to transplant the black grapes to the new garden.

The the spaghetti squash was grown from a seedling that my friend Anne gave me. I’m hoping it will be ripe in time for Halloween.

Part of ‘The Plan’ is to grow more of our own fruit, veg, and flowers. I reckon we’ve done OK with our little space in Tottenham but I’m sure we can do much more with a bigger space.

Garden harvest, October 2016


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