Taking cuttings

On the coldest day of the year so far, I finally got around to taking some cuttings. I’ve used a rooting gel for the first time, so although its been very chilly, I’m hoping some of the cuttings will take. They better had, because we’re leaving this garden in a few weeks time and I hope to propagate my favourite plants for economic and sentimental reasons. Brucie, the Forsythia, is much too large to move, but is a wonderful plant and was a birthday present from a good friend so it seems important to take it with me.

Cuttings from ‘Brucie’ the Forsythia.

I’ve been reading Carol Klein’s Grow your own garden, and she has lots of useful tips.

Cuttings are best taken in the morning while  the plants are getting active, and you should prepare all the pots before taking the cuttings, so they can immediately go into their pots. I’ve been extra careful with labeling pots, after learning though experience that I never-ever remember what I’ve planted, and that not all biros and marker pens can withstand the British weather.

Here’s a slideshow of taking the cape daisy cuttings. These have been super hardy and wonderfully prolific flowers. I do hope these tender little cuttings will make it through the winter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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