Yeah yeah yeah

I’m properly pleased with the seedlings! ​Back on 7 Feb I sowed some seeds. I’ve used a heated propagator for the first time and it’s been a nice surprise to see how quickly the seedlings get going with extra heat. 

In all seven trays seeds are all coming up. The dill is a bit tangled and there are sections that don’t look so good, but overall  I’m happy.

A bit of Beatles was playing on the radio while I videoed the seedlings. It seemed a suitable soundtrack #yeahyeahyeah!

The next step is probably to thin them out… I’ll probably just use scissors to snip away the weaker and overcrowded seedlings. And I think the coriander is about ready to transplant, as it’s almost touching the seed tray lid. 

Hopefully we’ll have some homegrown herbs ready for dinner in a few weeks 🙂

6 thoughts on “Yeah yeah yeah

  1. Just a helpful hint….dill and coriander are umbelliferas that hate being transplanted. If you can cut the soil into 1-2″ cubes and transplant groups of seedlings into larger pots, that often works well. You may still lose a few seedlings whose roots are disturbed, but usually most will survive. Clipping off excess plants at the soil line rather than pulling is a good strategy. Best of luck.

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