Dahlia pompon

It’s about time to start some dahlias. These were a bargain from Poundland, £3 for three tubers.

The tubers are odd looking things, but the flowers on the pack look luscious. They’re shamelessly bright and garishly frilly. 

I’m following the instructions in the 1963 Readers Digest Complete Library of the Garden. This is a lovely old book passed down to me by mum and originally owned by my great-grandad.

Ok, I don’t have a box but the pots should work instead. And if I have a go at taking cuttings we might get lots more lovely dahlias 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dahlia pompon

  1. Am doing exactly the same at the weekend. I have a bunch of dahlias I grew from seed last year that are sitting dormant in a box in the shed. I should start them off. Am also intending to take some cuttings once they get cooking so I’ll be interested to hear how you get on.


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