Pick of the week & new plans


My pic of the pick of the week…


The big yellow dahlia is a variety called ‘Kennemerland’ that I planted in late February. It’s very pleasing to see a huge yellow flower emerge a few months after putting some funny looking bulbs in a pot.

The orange bloom is crocosmia, and everyone should grow crocosmia! It has amazing orange star shaped blooms, and it’s an easy-growing plant for beginners.

The Japanese anemone is a variety called ‘painted lady’ from our cottage garden, and is a wonderfully long lasting cut flower.

I picked up the gladioli, called ‘White Prosperity,’ from a local flower farmer at Frome Independent market. I’m growing my own gladioli, but this one from the market is much taller than mine!

This bouquet is scented with sweetpea. I love sweetpeas, and grow them up willow arches in my favourite, sunniest corner of the garden.

Image may contain: plant, tree, flower, outdoor and nature
Willow archways with sweetpeas grown from seed

I’ve had a proper think and decided the Daily Bouquets project has nearly run its course. I’ve learned a lot from the project, and will carry on ‘Doing the Plan’ but with some new projects in future. Bouquet 99 will be coming soon, and I’ll celebrate making bouquet 100 later this week with a post about what I’ve learned.

After that, I’ll carry on with FromeBlooms as a brand for Birthday flowers, and a Facebook page to chat with friends, and a base for new projects.

If you’d like a sneaky peek at these new projects, check out PosyClub.com and Teeny-Garden.com and signup for more info.

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