Mislabelled Dahlia and 100 posts

Back in February I planted out three dahlia tubers, which I’d picked up at the pound shop. It’s a variety called Pompon. Of the three tubers planted, only one has grown, and it’s now in bloom. It looks good, but nothing like the picture on the packet! 

It’s not unusual for plants to differ from the picture on the pack, but this does not look like a pompon to me! No matter, it’s still a nice flower.🌺 

This is post #101. 

Yesterday I put up the 100th post on this blog! WordPress sent me a badge. 🏅It’s been really encouraging to get comments from readers, and I really appreciate your input. I’m looking forward to the next hundred posts of wittering about weeding and seedlings! 😊🌱💐🌺👍

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