Retrospective: doing the plan February 2017

‘Doing the Plan’ is my project to to get out of the office and into the garden. It’s going ok so far, here’s the plan and status as of today, 25 Feb 2017.

There’s lots of green boxes, indicating that the Plan has Been Done. 

Blooming daffodils, raised beds for veg, and summer flower seedlings

This pleases me greatly, but I know that the Doing The Plan will get tougher as time passes. The garden must earn it’s keep and pay my bills. That’s going to be the tricky bit! 

Lesson learned this month: seedlings are very delicate and I’ve killed nearly half of them by clumsy or late watering 😕

Highlight of the month was an early bee buzzing around the beautiful hellebores planted by the previous owner.🐝


It’s a chilly windy day, rain is forecast, but there are glimmers of sunshine and there’s lots to do in the garden. I’d better make a big mug of tea and get on with it. 

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