Daffodils and cyclamen in a vase on Monday 

In a vase this Monday from Frome in Somerset; cyclamen, daffodils, and clematis foliage, in a Prinknash bronze glazed pot. 

The weather has been dramatic and changeable today, I picked these during a sunny spell which was immediately followed by a hailstorm. The wild weather has flattened a few of the largest daffodils but these little blooms are made of strong stuff.

The daffodils are ‘tete-a-tete’ narcissi, the cyclamen variety is unknown. Each of the plants came with us from London to our new home in Somerset. 

This charming little metalic pot was made in Prinknash Abbey. The monks started a pottery when they found a seam of clay in the abbey grounds. These pots are cute and collectable, but can turn up in charity stores for just a few pounds.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy, who invites gardeners around the world to share what is growing in their garden over on her blog Rambling in the Garden.

5 thoughts on “Daffodils and cyclamen in a vase on Monday 

  1. I didn’t know Prinknash pottery had a bronze version – but perhaps I just would not have recognised it as such. Your vase is the perfect example of early spring – cheery in its simple brightness. Sorry other narcissi have been flattened – as you can the little ones seem to be able to stand up to all weathers. Mine are just coming out here as I said in my post, which I am sure is earlier than usual, unlike other things. Thanks for joining us today – hopefully see you again soon!


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