It’s all too much


I have a ridiculous quantity of seed potatoes. This little lot could produce a thousand spuds, which is somewhat excessive for two people. So please message me if you’d like to take some off my hands…

For £3 + post and packing I’ll send you a dozen seed potatoes, of mixed varieties, which should be enough to keep a couple of people in homegrown spuds this year (about 12 weeks of about ten potatoes per week).

The varieties are Red Duke of York, Charlotte, Maris Piper, Maris Peer and King Edward. They are about ready to plant.

The seed potatoes are from a ‘starter kit’ of seed potatoes from Suttons seeds, which I bought a few weeks ago with a rather vague plan to grow a few spuds this year. The kit includes around about 80 seed spuds.

Rather belatedly, I researched how much space each potato plant needs, and how many potatoes each plant will produce. Planting out the entire starter kit would require about 75 square metres, and produce about 1000 potatoes. That’s WAY more than we need!

So if you’re in the UK and want a few seed spuds, please message me!

Lettuce pray
On a similar note, I got 2000 little gem lettuce seeds yesterday. Assuming we eat 2 lettuce per week, and half the seeds make it to maturity, that’s about ten years worth of lettuce.

So please message me if you want some lettuce seeds – send me a stamped addressed envelope and I’ll post you out a few dozen seeds for free!

I’d better get on with planning out our veg patch. And I promise to stop buying seeds (for a while) until I have an idea where the heck to put all the plants!

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