AB test and seedlings update

One month ago I set up an ‘AB test’ to learn if willow water helps cuttings take root.

Willow water test, 2nd Feb 2017

The results are in. Neither group A or B have put out any roots. The purportedly helpful hormones in the willow water have had no impact on the dogwood twigs.

I’ll leave both vases as they are for another couple of weeks to see if anything changes.

Meanwhile, most of the seedlings are doing well.

There were a couple of minor mishaps, but overall, they’re looking good.

On this gorgeous sunny day the seedlings have had their first taste of fresh air, with our cat Davina standing guard.

There’s going to be a lot of taking these seedlings out, and bringing them in again, to harden them off before they go outdoors full time. So I’m using higher sided trays which will hopefully reduce the droppage rate!

One thought on “AB test and seedlings update

  1. Bad luck, although hardwood cuttings don’t root fast, so maybe give them longer as you say. The stems look quite thick, are they old growth? Hardwood cuttings apparently work best on the current years growth. I’ve heard of rooting soft #cuttings in water but not hardwood, so I was impressed the willow rooted in the first place, although perhaps that is due to the willow super powers of regeneration. Maybe the willow water idea would work well for soft cuttings or even just as an additive for watering cuttings. Interesting stuff.


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