Coming up

I’ve been busy celebrating my birthday and hosting lovely friends. Meanwhile the garden is springing forth with green shoots and colourful spring blooms. 

This crocus popped up in a pot, planted by the previous owner.

Some of the seeds and bulbs in the greenhouse have shot up in the last few days. 

The ranunculus ‘candy pink’ has sprouted, as have the early peas, and the dahlia ‘Pom-pon’. 
And the mini daffodils in hanging baskets from the old house are in full bloom. 

I keep finding myself overwhelmed by the size of the garden, and the possibilities it offers. There’s so much to do it’s hard to know where to focus next. But I’ll just keep bumbling along, little by little, and hopefully will get a few more seeds sown successfully. 

It’s a lovely day for it ☀️

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