Green shoots on Sunday: electric daisy and bindweed 

Inspired by Cathy’s meme where gardeners share images of flowers ‘in a vase on Monday’ I would like to suggest


If you’d like to to join in, please share a pic of the best and worst of what’s growing where you are, either as a link in the comments, or @jens_greenhouse on instagram using  #greenshootsonsunday

To kick off, here are the best and worst of the green shoots in my garden this week.

The best, and most exciting, are electric daisy seeds. This is an edible flower and part of James Wong’s range at Sutton Seeds. They are said to have bright yellow flowers that taste fizzy. The seedlings germinated well and are growing nicely since they were potted on. Can’t wait to taste them! 🌱🌿🌼🙂

The worst is bindweed. It is coming up all over the place. “Hello my old adversary” I’ve battled this weed many times in previous gardens, and I’m not surprised to see it here in our new home. It’s a tenacious little blighter and will be smoothered, stomped and removed. 🌱🍃⛏🔥

If you’d like to share highlights and lowlights of the green shoots from your garden, balcony, or houseplants, please comment on this blog or use the hashtag #greenshootsonsunday. 

I’ll cheer you on and offer consolation if things don’t go to plan. Gardening is fun, sharing is caring, and it’s nice to be nice🌱🌿🌺🙂

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