Linifolia and Cornus = Love and Admiration

Today’s bouquet is a bright bunch of red tulip linifolia, malus royalty (crab apple blossom), cornus sprigs, a couple of miniature tulip buds, and red robin photenia. In Victorian times, red tulips meant ‘believe me’ and were a declaration of love.  In those days a gentlemen might offer a sprig of cornus to a lady to show admiration. If you’d like to express love and admiration through floriography, this bunch is available for £10 at


Regular readers may have spotted that I only planted out these tulips yesterday. I’m cutting a flower garden almost more quickly than I can plant one at the moment, but that’s sure to change as time passes by.

If you’d like to buy a bunch, or just take a look at the daily bouquets gallery, visit

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