Anemone and thyme

Today’s bouquet at was a little spring posy of anemone, bluebell and narcissi, a bargain at just Β£5. It sold to my friend Lynne, and I love the thought that this can be on her table tomorrow . πŸ™‚

I packed it really carefully with some water absorbing jelly beads, aka zorbs or crystalsoil so I’m hopeful it will arrive in a good shape. 🀞

Also today I’ve planted out more tulips, a little clump of red ones by the greenhouse.

I picked up a couple of thyme plants at the greengrocer, and some bedding plants from a charity shop.

The flower garden is coming along nicely, with the gently flowing ‘path of time’ starting to take shape. This path is planted with thyme and oregano, and runs through the flower bed to the bench. I hope it will enable magical time travel, but that’s a longer term objective. πŸ˜›

I’ve sowed more veg into the hugel mound, lettuce, mangetout, and peas.

And after all that, I channeled MC Hammer: Stop! Hammocktime. πŸ˜†

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