In a vase on Monday: Red Hunter tulips

Every Monday, gardeners around the world share a vase of their best blooms with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. It’s a most addictive meme!

My contribution for this week is a bouquet of red hunter tulips, with hellebore, heuchera ‘little cutie’ and malus royalty crab apple blossom. This same bunch is today’s bouquet at, where I’ve posted a new bouquet from the garden every weekday for the last few weeks.


I like the limited palette of scarlet, plum and chocolate, which makes a change from the yellow and blues of daffodils, primroses, bluebells and grape hyacinths which have dominated the garden in the last couple of weeks.

The bouquet is in a little ceramic jug with a bronze glaze. This was another bargain find from a Frome charity shop. I think I paid £1.25 for this little pot. Checking its bottom, I see it was made in Wales, but I can’t decipher the text above ‘WALES’ – any suggestions?

IMG_4505Do visit Cathy’s blog to see what’s been posted in a vase on Monday this week.

And if you like my bouquets, please visit the Frome Blooms daily bouquet gallery to see more!



6 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Red Hunter tulips

  1. Oh, I love your restricted palette – good to see Royalty in it too, as I have just noticed that ours is in full flower too. Copied and zoomed into your photo of the base but couldn’t make it out either. Well done for daily vases – I am off to have a quick look now!


  2. We do a good line in charity shops in Frome, don’t we? Well, shops in general really. I love your colour pallette. Very sophisticated and beautiful.


  3. It’s a dramatic and effective color combination! I love the Heuchera used as a foliage accent. Sadly, Heuchera are almost as hard to grow here as tulips.


  4. It certainly makes a very exciting change from the usual spring colours – the hellebore in particular almost begins to look like something much more exotic! I couldn’t decipher the engraving on the vase base either – but what a find!


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