Hearts and bells in a vase on Monday

Each week gardeners share pictures of flowers ‘in a vase on Monday’ with Cathy at Rambling in the garden.  It’s a wonderfully addictive meme.

This week, my contribution is called ‘Heartbell’ and includes Dicentra ‘bleeding heart’ and bluebells with weigela and silver pear.

The dicentra bleeding heart has only a few flowers but I love how they droop sweetly at the top of the arrangement.

The bluebells are abundant at the moment, and a huge weigela bush is starting to bloom. I like the combination of these pastel tones.

They’re in a white Japanese vase, which was £2 from a charity shop. It’s slightly chipped but still very beautiful.

It’s decorated with silver bells from the Christmas box and golden hearts from our wedding decorations.

If you have a free moment, do pop over to Cathy’s blog to see what else has been shared  ‘In a Vase on Monday.’

9 thoughts on “Hearts and bells in a vase on Monday

  1. The chips don’t matter if we can’t see them, do they? The shades of your blooms, somehow dusky, work so well together, perfectly accentuated by the pear foliage. Thanks for sharing them


  2. It’s a pretty combination! I miss the bluebells in my own garden – our 5-year drought seems to have killed all mine off. This winter’s heavier-than-expected rain didn’t revive them in any case.


  3. Lovely shapes you’ve made there in your vase, and, as Cathy & Christina say, the silver pear set the whole pastel effect off to perfection.


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