‘Scarlet’ bouquet and a busy day

This morning I cut a bouquet of tulip, quince, apple blossom, heuchera and twisted willow, that I called Scarlet. A recent guest here, (Hi Mandy) wrote a poem about the cat on the scarlet counterpane, so the colour was on my mind. A friend of mine bought it, and it’s on the way to Twickenham.

I’ve not got much twisted willow left, so once this bouquet was sold I had to remove the offer from the fromeblooms website, but there’ll be more for tomorrow.

After the daily bouquet, the seedlings huddle.

Some of them are really overdue attention, and instead of pricking out the seedlings, I’m tearing clumps apart. This is not best practice. One for the lessons learned log.

I’m happy with this potato pot. I hope the gold pen will prove to be weatherproof.

More peas please. The peas sown a few weeks ago are now in larger pots, with copper tape to protect from slugs. Fingers crossed we get to eat more peas than the pests do. In a casual nod to succession sowing, I’ve popped a few more pea seeds into these pots.

While picking up shopping, I bought this Lidl pot of summer blooms. I’ve split them, and hope to avoid the looming pun.

I can’t resist hoping that a Lidl goes a long way.

There was a heavy shower of hail and rain, but then the sun came out again, and I took a shot of one of my favourite things.

Raindrops on roses 🌹

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