In a vase on Mayday – foraged flowers

Yesterday we took a walk, and I gathered a bouquet from the hedgerows of the country lanes around Frome. So I thought I’d celebrate Mayday with foraged flowers for ‘in a vase on Monday’, Cathy’s splendid meme.

My flower identification isn’t great, but I think I found red and white campian, ox-eye daisy, buttercup, English bluebells in blue and lilac, cowslip, red & white valerian, and photenia red robin.

I guess some of these may have seeded from local gardens. It’s wonderful to have such abundance of spring blooms in the hedgerows. This is my happy face.

As there’s no postal service on the bank holiday, I’m not posting a bouquet for sale at fromeblooms today. So it’s nice to do something a bit different with wild flowers instead of garden flowers.

If you have a little time today, please visit Cathy’s blog and see what blooms gardeners around the world have found for their Monday vases. 

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