May Day and April retrospective 

Today’s bouquet, May Day, is a sunny collection for an overcast day.

I can hardly believe April is over! So it’s time for a retrospective to review progress against the plan. 

As of 1 May, six projects are ‘done’ for the month, and the other three are still in progress.

Highlights include these wonderful willow archways, made by my husband. 

They cover the path of thyme in the rose garden. We’ve got more herbs in the garden than in pots, which is not quite what I’d planned, but is ok for now.

The beautiful Clematis Montana Elizabeth is in full bloom this April and looks just wonderful!Some of the spring flowers I’ve recently planted are doing well. I especially like the aquilegia ‘Spring Magic’ in the centre of this posy. 

I saw a huge bouquet of these same flowers at a local art gallery and they looked amazing. I hope they’ll grow quickly in our garden.😊

I’ve been focusing on flowers lately and posting a daily bouquet to, and Facebook, and Instagram. I’m still sowing and growing veg and herbs, but I’m ‘doing’ flowers each day, and hoping to have more than one bunch a day available from the garden soon! There are loads of exciting rosebuds and mystery plants popping up, and the seedlings are hardening off and  about ready to plant out.

I’ve picked up some great hauls from local charity shops and markets – plants, vases and books about gardens and flowers. 

I’m ahead on the May plan because I already set up the hammock. But I really need to crack on with the summer salads before putting me feet up.

Hope you’ve had a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

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