Bishop’s Cap and a busy day 🌺 


“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy flowers” 

Today’s bouquet, cut from the garden this morning, includes bishops cap, (a wildflower from the long border), and lashings of lovely pink weigela. Also bluebells, yellow poppies and there’s loads of colourful foliage from the cornus, the malus royalty, the weeping silver pear, and the hibiscus.

My lovely other half made a new cat-proof cloche for the vegetable bed. Most of this bed is ready to harvest and reseed, but needs protection from our cat who cat loves to roll on raked warm soil. This might keep her off and give the next batch of seedlings a chance to grow before she squishes them. 

A robin kept us company, hanging out by the rose arch for a while…

I finally managed a bit of a greenhouse rejig. It’s much better when I know what’s where. I’ve planted out most of the rocket from the white pots into the hugel mound. 

There’s loads more on the done list to report.

  • sowed wildflower seeds out front
  • planted up large pots by front door with jasmine, clematis, photinia, geranium and saxifrage
  • sweetpeas planted in fairy garden
  • sowed sunflower, beans, peas and squashes into hugel mound
  • tidied compost zone and beanpoles

Like I say, a busy day!  Finally had a well deserved beer and put my feet up​.

I hope you’ve had a good day and are happy with your ‘done’ list. Please let me know what you think of the marketing slogan if you have a moment to comment.

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