Elegantine bouquet, winning, and marathons

Today’s bouquet at fromeblooms.com is sweet briar, silver pear, and twisted willow. 

It didn’t sell, so I’m sending it to an old friend who is running another marathon next year. 

Her energy reminds me that The Plan is a marathon, not a sprint, so a slow start making money it will not discourage me. Not everything sells, which is ok for now 🙂 

Sending out the bouquet is a useful post and packaging test for a few new blooms from the garden. I suspect that the sweet briar roses that are in bloom will lose their petals on the journey but there are loads of buds that will hopefully open after arrival. I’ve sent several new flowers that I’m testing,  and I’ve tried different packaging. Learning is good!

In other exciting news, I’ve applied for a stall at Frome Independent market. 🤞

I really hope something wonderful will happen!  

I hope to get a stall to sell flowers from the garden in vintage vases…

… and edible hanging baskets.

I know there’s a lot of competition for space at the market, so I’m really not sure of getting a pitch. 

Fingers crossed 🤞 

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