Pressing on: today’s done list

This morning, a colourful bouquet did not feel appropriate, so I just made a small posy of white flowers. Last night there was a terror attack at Manchester Arena, which killed many people. The local newspaper has a fundraiser to support those affected. The fund’s initial target was £5000, it quickly increased to £50,000 and has now raised over £650,000. There’s a massive amount of generosity and goodwill in the world which is something positive to remember when terrible things happen.

Gardenwise, I carried home a big box of flowers from the edge-of-town garden centre down the country road. This was just about as much as I could carry, and I was very out of puff by the time I got home. I think it may look a little odd to carry a large box of flowering plants a couple of miles down the road, and the walkers and 4x4s seemed to double take, but what the hey… I like the exercise.

I planted another salad basket, which I think I’ll take to market on June 4th. *Thanks to Cathy Rambling for the date check on my Monday post* 

This salad basket is all from plants I started as seeds back in the spring – there’s a tomato ‘Lizziano,’ along with sorrell, lemon balm, chinese chives, crosne, and spring onions. Should make a very nice little potager pot for the patio, I hope it doesn’t get nommed by slugs before market day… Actually, I’d better put it up of the ground to protect it a bit.

Finally, I got a few bargain chrysanths, reduced from £3 to 50p. They looked like the sort of plants that had dried out, been discounted, then watered, and then perked up. The ones I picked looked fairly perky, so I added them to a flower border and will hope for the best.

I hope that your garden plans and plants are all doing well. Let me know if you’ve picked up any bargain blooms that did well, It’d be nice to hear a happy garden story.

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