Why I hate to do lists

Yesterday, I planned to do this tomorrow… 

1. Daily Bouquet 

Done! Today’s bouquet is available at Frome Blooms and I am happy with these flowers. 🌺 


Other things on the list are still pending:

2. Get materials to make a big sign. (I have some packing paper I could use, but should get something better.
3. Prepare ‘seeds for sale’ (put spare seeds into small envelopes, label, and box up).    Nope. Haven’t done this. Didn’t fancy doing it to be honest.

4. Print postcards and plan a display.

I’ve kind of done this – my printer copes better with simple card than glossy paper. 

Why I hate to do lists is because they remind me of what’s not been done yet. But I’ve done a lot of other stuff since listing the tasks – planted out a couple of small cut flower beds and worked on a gorgeous big old vase that could become a centrepiece.

Scraping clean the big old vase reveals interesting patterns

Also I sent out bouquets with improved  packaging which is looking pretty and working well. I’ve given up on crystal gel as it seems to suck water from the plants rather than release it to them. The stems are are wrapped in wet napkins, and then bubble wrap and cellophane. Its basic but it works!

I’m done with doing stuff for now, so I’m going to channel MC Hammer and say ‘Stop – Hammocktime!’

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