Red Hot bouquet, battling bindweed and another market stall

As it’s British Flower Week, I’m doing a posy with each daily bouquet. Why choose between short-stemmed flowers like sweetpeas and long-stemmed flowers like roses when you can have both at a very reasonable price? IMG_7055

This beautiful bouquet and posy are all freshly cut from the garden this morning. There’s sweetbriar, red rose, lady’s mantle, heuchera, dame rocket, purple hebe, and some pink fluffy things that I’ve not identified yet in the bouquet, which I’ve called ‘Red Hot.’ In the posy are roses, pinks, sweetpea, sweetbriar and larkspur.


Meanwhile, the ongoing battle with bindweed is not going well, especially in some of the more difficult to reach areas. There’s a raspberry thicket at the bottom of the garden, where the raspberries are delicious, but the bindweed is a bother. There’s bindweed entangled in a corner with grape and sweetbriar, which is more tangled than I can handle, and there’s a bindweed around the very spiky wineberry bush which is about twelve feet high and rising, and almost impossible to tackle without protective gear. It’s too darn hot to deal with this!

I’ll try to maintain a zen attitude and deal with priority areas first. There’s a lot less bindweed in the ‘fairy garden’ today than there was yesterday, and there’s much less bindweed in there than there was last month. Small victories are worth celebrating, and there’s a lot of colour in the ‘fairy garden’ now the roses are in flower.

And finally for today, I’ve got another place at the Frome Independent market! This time it’s a smaller stall, and I’ve got a much clearer idea of what to offer.

So on with the plan – more flowers, more weeding and seeding…

…just as soon as this cat’s had dinner.

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