Midsummer joy and six months Doing The Plan

I’m delighted to share this midsummer bouquet of cottage garden flowers, the 62nd of the daily bouquets at FromeBlooms.com. With roses, rocket, larkspur, lady’s mantle, sweetpea and pinks.

There’s a pleasant birdsong soundtrack to this video of the bouquet, but I’ll confess it took a couple of recordings to exclude dog barks and traffic noise.


​It’s mostly quiet and peaceful here in our lovely garden in Frome, Somerset. (Except for occasional neighbourhood parties where someone inevitably puts The Wurzels on repeat play. 😂 )

Midsummer reminds me that it’s six months since we sold up, left London, and embarked on a plan. The Plan was initially to spend less time in the office, and more time in the garden, and on that basis it’s been an unqualified success!

Longer term, the goal is to make money from the garden, and grow our own fruit and veg to reduce our outgoings.  Things are progressing, I have an online flower shop at FromeBlooms.com, there’s a decent supply of herbs and salad, and the raspberries and strawberries are delicious,  so long as we get them before the birds and the bugs do.

I had only made a spreadsheet of The Plan to June, and so I’ll need to start thinking about what comes next. Excitingly, it’s time for a six month review, which I’ll try to post about in the next few days.

Meanwhile, big love to all, and I hope your garden plants and plans are progressing well. Jen xx

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