Monday’s vase with rose, hydrangea and rowan

Well, I meant to post this yesterday to join Cathy’s happy group of gardeners sharing ‘In a Vase on Monday’ but I ran out of time to post…

Nonetheless, better late than never, so here’s yesterday’s bouquet, with hydrangea pink annabelle, gladiola muriel, anemone and dahlia, roses and sweetpea. Lady’s mantle and pink foxtail provide textural interest, with rowan foliage for luck!

Reputed benefits of rowan include defence against witchcraft and enchantment, and protection of cows and dairy produce.

My milk which supposedly was best before 8th July was still good to drink on the 10th. Was this simply coincidence, or was it the magic powers of the rowan?

Here’s a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ of how I staged the pic, using a lovely plant stand and the shed wall. It’s a nice spot to catch the dappled morning light, and it’s one of the few ‘blank’ backdrops available in our garden. Random tiles and bits of concrete from the garden wall are not usually included in my pictures, but there’s extra chaos this week as we’re having the kitchen ‘done.’

Garden messiness aside, I’m happy with the collection in the bouquet, there’s a nice pastel palette of lilacs and pinks, with the odd pop of burgundy and scarlet to mix it up.

If you have time to put flowers in a vase on Monday, and check out Cathy’s blog it’s always worthwhile. However, if you have a chaotic house and garden, and don’t get around to posting your vase on Tuesday, like I did, I guess it’s still worthwhile!

As ever, I do hope that your garden plants and plans are coming along nicely. 🙂

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