Keep Smiling, six months later…

Back in January, I planted a rose called ‘Keep Smiling.’ 

I said at the time that it takes a bit of imagination to see the potential in a bare root rose. They don’t look terribly exciting as gnarly, thorny twigs, but nonetheless I planted them out just a week after we’d arrived in our new home, in a rare moment when the ground was not too frosty.

Here’s a view of this corner of the garden, just after these roses were planted. Although most of the garden has well established borders, this was a ‘blank canvas’ as it had once been a vegetable patch, but had not  been planted for the past year or so. There were a few strawberries and dandelions, and a massive ivy, but not much else…

This morning, that same patch looks a bit better. It’s early days and there’s a lot more to come, but it’s decent progress!

Our 4 year old niece named this ‘The Fairy Garden’ which has kind of stuck. We’ve planted willow arches around a path lined with thyme and succulents, and put a cut flower garden in the central space. There’s a makeshift bench in the corner, and the bare root roses have started to bloom.

This lovely yellow bloom is the second flower from the rose ‘keep smiling.’ It’s a pretty sight covered in raindrops, and has a soft, sweet perfume.  The first of these roses went into yesterday’s bouquet at, and should be arriving at its new home in Edinburgh this morning. I do love it when a plan comes together, and I really am delighted to see these cheerful yellow blooms!


I hope your garden plants and plans are all coming together.

Keep Smiling! xx


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