‘Pretty Lady’ in a vase on Monday

This morning, I’ve made a vase of Japanese Anemone ‘pretty lady’ with scented roses, hibiscus and penstemon. This is the 89th bouquet cut from the garden since spring, and on sale at FromeBlooms.com.

I’m also sharing this with Cathy’s lovely crowd of flower fans at Rambling in the Garden, where bloggers share pictures of flowers in a vase on Monday.


The hibiscus started flowering a few days ago, and it’s covered in purple blooms at the moment. It’s quite big and there’s plenty of stems to be cut… and I really ought to deadhead those daisies!

The hibiscus is on the right hand side of the garden, and on the left we have a few large clumps of Japanese Anemone, ‘Pretty Lady.’

The anemone produces a lot of flowers, but I know some gardeners who really dislike its tendancy to spread. I have removed one large clump of anemone from a border, and may push it back a bit more next year. But I do like it’s cheerful five petal flowers, and the yellow centres are a good match for the yellow rose, which I still haven’t identified for certain.

The vase is an enamelled bronze pot in gold and orange, which picks up some of the bouquet’s colours rather nicely. This was a bit more expensive then I’d usually pay, it cost £4 from the Frome flea market, but I think is worth every penny.

If you’d like to buy some flowers, this bouquet is on sale today at FromeBlooms.com, where I offer fresh bouquets of garden flowers by post for £15.

And if you’d like to see some gorgeous arrangements of flowers in a vase on Monday, pop over to Cathy’s blog. Her vase this week is full of summery flowers in sunshine colours.

5 thoughts on “‘Pretty Lady’ in a vase on Monday

  1. Your vase is gorgeous and beautifully photographed. Nice to see the views of the borders. A friend gave me anemone last year and I’ve been worried about it taking over–it seems everything I plant tends to do that.


  2. When something grows as well as the anemone it can be so easy to forget to cut it for a vase – and the spent flowerheads always look good too. Thanks for reminding us with yours. Did I mention before that I think your rose looks like Crown Princess Margarita? The vase is so pretty and worth every penny, even if you woud rather have only spent £1 or so!! Good to see some of your borders today too

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  3. The way the center of the anemones pick up the color of the roses is wonderful. Japanese anemones don’t bloom until the fall here and then only if summer’s heat doesn’t linger.

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