Bouquet #98, Non Stop Red

Bouquet #98 includes beautiful begonia flowers, a variety called ‘Non Stop Red’ which were a bargain from my local plant nursery, and look splendid in pots and bouquets. I’ve picked up a few new blooms to fill gaps in the garden and future posies.

Bouquet #98, ‘Non Stop Red’ 11 August 2017

The finished bouquet is not entirely unlike the sketch I did last night ,although I used a sunflower instead of rudbeckia. I’ve not had much luck with my sunflowers, but this one is a beauty.


When I look back and compare bouquet #3 with bouquet #98, there is a very clear improvement. #98 is a much more colourful and compact bouquet than #3!

Bouquet #3 ‘Connie’ 23 March 2017

I’ll make bouquet 99 next week after taking a little break for the weekend.

I hope your garden plants and plans are coming on nicely!

Jen xx


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